Property Management

Administration and Corporate Services

  • Preparation and distribution of notices, support material and minutes for AGM, EGM, Committee and Board meetings;
  • Maintenance of equipment inventory;
  • Conducting tender exercises;
  • Maintenance of records of work carried out, tender exercises and other records related to service provision;
  • Secure document storage;
  • Provision of newsletter/circular/notices and all communication with lessees and residents;

Legal Services

  • Safe keeping of Estate Title Documentation and other vital records;
  • Safe keeping of any warranties or guarantees;
  • Provision of replies to Requisition on Title;
  • Provision of memorandum and articles of association;
  • Maintenance of OMC Membership;
  • Provision of membership certificates to new lessees;
  • Enforcement of lease conditions;
  • Development and enforcement of “house rules”;
  • Compliance with relevant legislation such as
  • Companies Acts 1963 to 2005,
  • Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2003,
  • Fire Services Act 1981,
  • Occupier Liability Act 1995,
  • Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005,
  • Residential Tenancy Act 2004,
  • Waste Management and Litter Pollution Acts.

Financial Management

  • Establishment of an annual budget for the Multi-Unit Development and communication of budget and service charges to Lessees;
  • Billings and collection of service charges;
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of bank accounts;
  • Provision of regular/monthly/quarterly income and expenditure reports for the OMC Directors;
  • Preparation and dissemination of the OMC accounts and financial statements and arrangement of audit of the OMC accounts.

Insurance Management

  • Arrange for the carrying out of Building Surveys and Valuation;
  • Ensure that the insurance broker arranges the appropriate scope of Cover;
  • Arrangement of insurance cover and Claims Management.

Building Management

  • Identification and delivery of Planned Maintenance
  • Cleaning of Common Areas and Windows/Carpets,
  • Grounds and Landscape Maintenance
  • Refuse Collection
  • Identification and delivery of Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance
  • Identification and delivery of Reactive Repairs & Renewals
  • Identification and delivery of Refurbishment Programmes
  • Contractor Management/Supervision
  • After Hours Emergency Service
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • Janitor Management